Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March Enrichment is over...

I guess I didn't have enough time in our previous ward as the Enrichment Leader, as they called me to that same calling in our new ward. I can't complain. I do enjoy the calling.
Our March Family, Home and 'Purse'onal Enrichment was a success. We went with a 'purse' theme. It was a black, white and pink 'Diva' color scheme. I found gift bags at the Dollar Tree that looked like a purse with a zebra print on it. I placed a small box in the center of the table over the white tablecloth. A pink square plastic tablecloth was thrown over the box on the table for color. I placed the zebra purse gift bag on top of the box and tied a pink ballon to the handle. I put some black tulle around the base of the purse gift bags. I borrowed about 40 purses and placed 4 to 5 at each table on the black tulle around the center purse gift bag.

As everyone entered the gym, we weighed their purses to see who had the heaviest and lightest. I was in contention for the heaviest at 6 lbs. The winner's purse was 6.5 lbs. The lightest didn't even register. They both got a little bottle of lotion for a prize. We had a 'Get to know you game' at every place setting. The sisters went around talking to each other to find out who had done what from their list. Once everyone arrived, approx 55, they had spent some time getting to know each other a little better. We had Mexican sweet pork salad (Cafe Rio style) for dinner and chocolate dipped strawberries, brownie bites and cream puffs for dessert. The food was a hit. Then we played a 'Purse treasure hunt' game. We had them find things in their purse that started with a certain letter of the alphabet. It was funny to see what people would come up with. The first person to find something that started with that letter would raise their hand and item and yell it out. They would get a candy bar for a prize. To conclude the night we had a speaker on the different roles we have as women and the different 'purses' we carry. We ended on a spiritual note and left feeling nourished physically, socially and spiritually. We sent everyone home with a magnet handout in the shape of a purse with the Relief Society Declaration printed on it. I think it turned out pretty nice, if I say so myself, but am glad it is over.

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sclifford said...

Barb, you are so very talented! That enrichment activity sounded very fun!! I want to do it in our ward.